Cobblestone Children's Center Cobblestone Children's Center

The Cobblestone Concept

Developed by Owner/Director Debi Smith, the concept behind our Bend, Oregon preschool combines learning within an active, social environment. This environment encourages children to create, extend and explore their ideas and natural curiosity. Because it is of their own interest, the preschool curriculum validates their initiative, building confidence in each child. Our preschool teachers are trained for the children’s level and development. They are flexible in moving with children through learning centers of the child’s choosing, encouraging and completing projects of the child’s own design. Through activities at the preschool's learning centers, children learn pre-reading and pre-math concepts.

Amenities That Our Preschool Offers:

  • State licensed facility
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Air purifying system
  • 'Electronic eye' faucets
  • Security door for entry
  • Security video monitoring 24/7
  • Interactive stereo and television for learning
  • Interactive kitchen with children’s counter and 50’s style stools
  • Art lab with extensive supplies
  • Science and math lab
  • Music and movement center with gym mat, climbing wall, and mirror with ballet bar.
  • Large dramatic play area
  • Library, puppet theater, reading loft, and computer lab
  • Outside area for large motor development

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Cobblestone Children's Center Cobblestone Children's Center Cobblestone Children's Center
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